GreenSmart® promotes practical, affordable and sustainable home features that make New Zealand homes cheaper to run, more resource-efficient, healthier to live in – and kinder to our environment.
GreenSmart® is a voluntary program that focuses on educating consumers and building professionals about the features and benefits of sustainable building, particularly during the pre-design stage where simple design, product and material selections can result in enduring benefits for the owner/occupants and the natural environment.
GreenSmart® - Home Assessment Tool
The GreenSmart® home assessment tool is designed to encourage and promote sustainable home building features. Homes are assessed using specific feature based criterion. Two standards can be achieved; GreenSmart® Gold and GreenSmart® Platinum (Best Practice). The GreenSmart® rating tool is designed to be sufficiently comprehensive, while remaining simple and practical to understand and implement.
The GreenSmart® program covers the following FIVE key areas of sustainable building:
   1. Energy Efficiency
   2. Water Efficiency
   3. Indoor Environmental Quality
   4. Material Selection
   5. Waste Minimisation
A GreenSmart® licence is available to interested parties. Please click here for further details.